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Acupuncture Sports Med


  • As an athlete or weekend warrior, do you push your body to the extreme? 
  • In your quest to find and stay in the Zone, do you push beyond your limit?

You are dedicated and driven to bring your best to become the best in your sport. Through the hours of training and miles upon miles of practice, your body becomes exhausted and depleted if there is no support. This can lead to injury that could greatly impact performance, endurance and vitality.

We use painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications to dull the aches and pains and reduce inflammation. It is a quick and easy approach, but only a temporary fix. 

By covering up pain, stiffness, swelling, or aches, you may be masking a deeper problem. These are signals from your body, telling you that something is weakened and out of balance. These warning signals are telling you to stop, rest, and heal.

Acupuncture for injuries related to sports or trauma is a time-tested, safe, natural and drug-free health care system that can provide immediate relief and long lasting benefits. 

Acupuncture Sports Medicine can provide a competitive edge, leading to improved performance.  It is also a viable therapy in the treatment of acute sprains, strains, and pains. 

This effective form of health care can reduce swelling, improve micro-circulation and range of motion, strengthen your body, speed recovery time, and address any underlying problems that could contribute to a future injury.

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