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Testimonials about Elite Acupuncture & William K. Wan:

"Five years ago I had a horrible accident and I broke my back, L2.  I am an athlete and I have danced professionally throughout my life.  Will Wan provided acupuncture treatment and I was relieved from back pain immediately.  I did not have to take the pain killers that were prescribed for me at this time.  This was so important to me because I needed my spiritual and emotional presence to support my physical healing.  I recommend Will Wan who is an excellent practitioner.  His support and tender care brought me back to the dance floor!"

-Colleen C.

"As an active new daddy and mixed martial artist, I depend on quick recovery from training and common daily ailments.  I depend on a teammate and health advisor that give me the best chance to unlock my body's full healing capacity.  Will Wan fits that bill.  He is able to work within my comfort zone, as well as encourage me to cut loose any unnecessary patterns that I have developed over the years.  Will's expertise was evident from my very first visit.  His determination to listen and get to the root of the problem is unparalleled.  Thank you Will for your guidance and compassion."

-Mike C., Amateur Jiu Jitsu 
2011 Oregon Open Champ (175 lb.)

"Will Wan's healing mo-jo and take-home routine enabled me to compete in and surpass my expectations in the Coeur d'Alene Ironman." 

-Bill S., Weekend Warrior

"I have been playing squash for about 10 years.  Last year I developed a severely painful achilles tendinitis.  I had to stop playing.  I consulted with Will Wan and had him work on my heel.  I was very pleased with his work and it helped me get well and playing again."

-Liam M.

"I am a high school student who competes nationally in both cross country running and nordic skiing. When injuries are flaring I turn to Will Wan to deliver effective healing techniques. In 2010, I was at a yoga festival in Squaw Valley, CA.  I had a lingering hip flexer injury from the previous track season and I was still in tremendous pain.  Will showed me some ways to relieve tension in the lower back and glute muscles.  The next day, I felt refreshed and ready to climb any mountain that stood in front of me!  And I literally hiked to the top of Squaw Valley. Later that year, I was able to start my cross country season pain free and I am grateful to be running again.  I eventually ran my personal best in my whole running career.  I thank Will for all his wonderful support and beautiful healing."

-Aja S. (2012 All-American Jr. Nationals Ski Championships)

"Will's treatments helped me to reverse and heal physical and mental-emotional symptoms.  His wisdom and insights empower me to "own, bring and live" my full potential.  I wish everyone could benefit from his compassion and extraordinary gifts."

-Kimberly D.

"I had 3 trips to the ER in a 3 month period with a complaint of a racing heart.  After multiple tests, the doctors were baffled with my unexplainable condition.  I went to Will Wan and the condition was explained and effectively treated with no further recurrences.  I have also seen Will for back pain from a work related injury and that was resolved as well.  We are pleased and grateful to have Will in our lives and we are always confident to refer family and friends to him for care."

-Dan P.

"If you are like me, you like to recreate.  And routine physical activity, regardless of your practice, does not come free of injury.  This is where Will Wan has been invaluable.  Not just an acupuncturist, he offers a holistic approach to internal and external wellness.  From diet, to deep tissue work, to acupuncture to alignment: he connects them all.  And if it is needles that worry you, worry not.  Will creates a safe, peaceful environment, and the only thing you will notice is the pain that is missing the next day."

-Chris B.

Testimonials about Acupuncture:

"There are a lot of muscles that are hard to stretch.  Acupuncture hits those and releases them and makes you feel a lot better.”

-Seahawks Defender Patrick Kerney

“I do it for energy sometimes and also help for recovery with the legs.”  He notes of acupuncture, “it doesn’t hurt… they try to treat the body overall.  Instead of looking at a problem in the body, they try to find the cause of the problem and fix that.”

-Phoenix Suns Grant Hill

“There’s no doubt in my mind that I think it’s helped… I found that I responded really well to the acupuncture….”

-New York Yankees Pitcher A.J. Burnett 

"I responded quickly and favorably to the treatment (acupuncture).  It was refreshing to receive therapy that allowed me sustain my health for the duration of a season and physically grueling career."

-San Diego Chargers Defensive End Marcellus Wiley

"In my extensive off-season workouts, I have noticed a difference in my balance and agility since receiving treatments (acupuncture).  I feel my muscles have been 'turned on' and are firing on all cylinders."

-Baltimore Ravens Safety Will Demps

"My attitude towards any kind of therapy is that it can't hurt.  It's really made a difference.  We're really fortunate to have (acupuncture treatments) because we didn't have them before the last two years."

-San Diego Spirit Goalkeeper Jaime Pagliarulo

"There is sufficient evidence of acupuncture's value to expand its use into conventional medicine." 

-National Institute of Health, 1997 Consenus on Acupuncture

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